Who are we?

We are early crypto adopters, IT, fintech, and creative professionals with a passion for art, technology and conservation. Yes we want your crypto to moon but we are also working to save our planet so we don' t have to move to the moon! We run our stake pools on 100% renewable energy and we invest in climate change mitigation. 

One conservation project nearing completion is the forest pictured on this page. Our family purchased this unbuildable 60-acre parcel of land in Oregon after it was mostly clear cut. The property was replanted with a diverse mix of tree species, and over 20 years, we built ponds to increase habitat for amphibians and migrating birds, undertook extensive erosion control measures, worked to control invasive species, in-plant to add biodiversity, and enhance wildlife habitat. A conservation easement was recorded on the property that is held by a conservation NGO, so that it will be preserved in perpetuity. We need to do more than just plant trees, we need to protect trees for the future too.

Additional properties are being added, to identify and preserve both lands that need regeneration, and also lands that are already pristine but need to be protected. In 2023 our family joined forces to purchase an adjoining 25 acres of mature forestland in this valley that was about to be destroyed by clearcutting and development. This 25 acres brings our contiguous protected lands in this location to a total of 105 acres. Ongoing work is being done year round on these lands to create wildlife piles for dens and hiding cover, provide additional water sources for fauna, in-plant more diverse tree species and accelerate the structure of the forest to achieve old growth type habitat and forest conditions.

YOON -working to build a sustainable world for the next generation.